An Evening Of Stories And Music

Saturday, May 13th, 2017 – 7:30pm
Reserved Seating
Level 1 – $20
Level 2 – $15
Level 3 – $10

Groups of 10 or more – 10% discount

Storytelling makes a human connection unlike any other art form. Round up your friends and come hear true tales from people’s lives interspersed with some soulful Blues.

Yvonne Healy: Comic or haunting, Yvonne’s unique tales from Irish myth, folk life and history especially delight all ages. Some are her parents’ bedtime tales recorded in the Irish National Folklore Archive. Others are family stories with their first-hand accounts of the birthing of a new nation and the withering of the old.

Jeff Doyle: Jeff started telling stories around the campfire at the family campout when his kids were elementary age. His first story was The Blue Ape, which the kids asked to hear over and over again. Before long, the kids were requesting new material and Jeff eagerly took to the task, eventually becoming the hit of campfire time. Jeff enjoys telling all types of tales, but specializes in funny stories and scary stories, which range from the somewhat scary to the truly terrifying. Jeff is an ardent believer that his audience should have fun and be entertained. His dedication to your satisfaction is what makes Jeff Doyle a premier storyteller.

Robert B. Jones: Robert is a nationally known and featured storyteller whose resume includes several performances at the National Storytelling Festival (Jonesborough, TN), the Bay Area Storytelling Festival (San Francisco, CA), The Ark Storytelling Festival (Ann Arbor, MI) and many others.
Robert’s stories combine elements of music, humor, along with emotion,fact and fiction to convey the truths found in our shared culture. Sometimes he tells personal and family stories and at other times he tells stories drawn from the lives and legends of blues and gospel performers that he grew up listening to and learning about. Some of his stories center around struggles of race and faith. Regardless of the subject his stories are always engaging and powerful. Robert and his wife Bernice were both deeply inspired by the late great Kathryn Windham. She was a woman who could make you laugh, make you cry, make you think and make you feel, all in the same set. Rev. Robert Jones is often blessed to do the same.


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