Hear Kevin Nealon on WHMI

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Kevin Nealon

See Kevin Performing Live at the BCPA January 31st!

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College A Cappella Night!

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Tickets on sale at the doorCAPN 15

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The Nutcracker – December 7, 2014

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A must-see holiday event for the entire family! Join Clara on her magical journey through the enchanting Land of Snow to the Kingdom of the Sweets. With an impressive cast of Michigan’s most talented ballet students and international guest artists, The Nutcracker is a wonderful holiday tradition to be enjoyed by all ages.


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Brighton High School presents Alice in Wonderland

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Come see  Alice fall down a rabbit hole where she encounters various talking animals and an unusual Queen. It is an adventure of a lifetime as seen through the eyes of a little girl.

Save the date and don’t be late for a very important opportunity to see Brighton High drama students perform Alice in Wonderland.

Show dates and times:

November 20 – 7pm

November 21 – 7pm

November 22 – 3pm

November 22 – 7pm

November 23 – 3pm

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The BCPA, Brighton’s Bond and this year’s Brighton Musical, “Grease”…

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Below is an article from BrightonMusical.com…

“Owing to a great bond package passed by Brighton’s voters two years ago and currently being implemented by the Brighton Area Schools, our performance space, the Brighton Center for the Performing Arts (the “BCPA”), has undergone some long-needed improvements. There is new carpet and some fresh paint in the public spaces. Roof leaks have been repaired. For “Grease” and our creative team, though, the most important improvements are things that won’t be immediately noticeable to you, our audience.

Prior to the bond, the Brighton Musical creative team had to rent a significant amount of sound and lighting equipment. The BCPA, for all its greatness, had limited or outdated speakers and lights, and with a lighting designer like our own Josh Holowicki, we needed the kinds of lights and controls that would allow him to use the lights to enhance what was happening on stage – to add to the action and help focus the audience’s attention when necessary. This created a number of challenges. First, at $15 a ticket and a run of 7 shows, we’re not dealing with a Broadway budget here. We don’t skimp on our productions, because we want our students to experience how professional productions are supposed to come together, but we are very careful about how we spend. So, we rented necessary lighting and sound equipment, but only for the last two weeks of production. That meant several very late nights hanging and aiming the lights when they came in, and usually another couple of late nights programming the lights. It meant our student sound techs and cast had only 5 or so rehearsals to get comfortable with the microphone cues. Everyone worked very admirably under these circumstances, but now we get a little bit more sleep.

As part of the bond, the BCPA stage was renovated, and we were able to purchase new lighting and sound equipment. So, Josh can start programming weeks before the show starts. The cast and crew should have significantly more time to get used to the very different feeling of performing under the lights and with their voices projected by microphones. The students involved in the technical portions of our production get more opportunities to learn how to use the system. These improvements have really lessened the anxiety about the last couple of weeks before the show, and they will create a much deeper learning experience for our cast and crew.

What does that mean for you? It means our marvelously professional production will be that much more prepared for you when you come to see “Grease”! And, having read this, you may notice just how craftily the lighting and sound are folded into the magic of our production.”

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Leadership Holiday Program

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Join us Monday, December 23rd at the BCPA for the Holiday Assembly! Due to the cancellation of school on Friday, the Leadership Holiday Program has been re-scheduled. There will be two performances one at 3:30 p.m. and the other at 6:00 p.m. The show is based on the modern day Holiday Classic “Elf” and is sure to be uplifting and fun. Admission is free and the event will be entertaining for all ages!

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The Nutcracker – December 2013

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A must-see holiday event for the entire family! Join Clara on her magical journey through the enchanting Land of Snow to the Kingdom of the Sweets. With an impressive cast of Michigan’s most talented ballet students and international guest artists, The Nutcracker is a wonderful holiday tradition to be enjoyed by all ages.

Nutcracker poster long

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Party at Bink & Babs!

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Bink & Babs FR for web2

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Hunting Widows GIGGLE FEST!

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Giggle Fest

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BCPA under construction!

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The BCPA has been under construction all summer with technical as well as aesthetic upgrades. Even our logo is new! The following is a short list of the changes:


  • Fixing water leaks – The BCPA was plagued with major water leaks during heavy rains sometimes in the dressing rooms, drama room, the lobby, the seating area (yikes!) and almost always on stage!
    • replace roof
    • cover existing exterior walls with new siding, old EIFS walls (basically an insulation foam with a “waterproof” coating)  will remain to double as insulation to make the building more energy efficient
  • Improve exterior lighting
    • replace existing fixtures with energy efficient LED fixtures
    • add fixtures in some key areas to improve safety at night
  • Lobby face lift
    • replace carpet – the old one had a good run but at one year shy of reaching 20 years old it was time to get rid of the stained, frayed, worn and faded nap!
    • getting rid of the teal!  it may have been fashionable in 1994 but this color has to go so we are covering all the teal accents with a slightly more neutral color…
  • Networking
    • wifi will be available throughout the building with different levels of accessibility for staff, students, public… etc.
    • we will eventually have the capability to send audio and video signals throughout the building, for example, a presenter will be able to have their laptop onstage and send A/V to the projector for the audience to see
  • Acoustic upgrades
    • sound insulating foam will be installed in the upper section of the theater over the seats to prevent sound from bouncing all over the place
    • 4″ thick sound panels will be installed in the rear of the seating area to prevent sound to bounce back
    • curved panel under the 1st catwalk is being replaced to help carry the sound to the audience even better than before
    • doors are being replaced to seal the room from outside noise
    • side wing moveable walls getting replaced to help carry sound to audience (and because they were falling apart!)
    • tiled floor backstage being replaced with smooth concrete to avoid extra noise while moving scenery during shows
  • Replacing sound system – our old one has been described as something that belongs in a gymnasium!
    • basically being replaced from top to bottom
    • new digital sound board – old one died 2 years ago and we’ve been using a little subpar board to make due in anticipation of the upgrades
    • speakers being replaced by 2 JBL line arrays and adding some much needed sub woofers
    • replacing backstage communication system – old one worked at about 50% capacity
    • replacing monitoring system to bring onstage sound to dressing rooms, green room, lobby… etc.  – old one, you’ve guessed it doesn’t work anymore…
    • adding some microphones to our line up to add versatility
    • by the way, all the old equipment that still works will be re-purposed either at the BCPA or else where in the district!
  • House lights
    • old halogen fixtures being replaced with energy efficient LED lighting
    • new design will use less than 25% of the total energy of the previous system – BCPA is going GREEN!
  • Theatrical lighting system – old system installed in 1994 became obsolete the same year
    • also getting a complete makeover
    • about 70% of the fixtures will now be LEDs – compared to the old fixtures that almost all used 1000W bulbs (yes, one thousand, that’s not a typo!) the energy savings here will be astronomical!
    • adding some moving (intelligent) lights to bring our theater to the 21st century!  – not only will this add some much needed pizzaz but students pursuing a career in that field will be able to work first hand with industry standard equipment
    • replacing follow spots – our old one’s power supplies were on the fritz and they were never bright enough…
  • Stage floor – if you ever stood on stage and looked down, you would never dare take your shoes off…
    • old floor’s wood is so brittle that it splinters constantly and is literally disintegrating
    • we will cover with new masonite panels that most theaters use nowadays – the beauty of those panels is that if they get damaged you can easily replace a single panel without having to redo the whole floor

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